Green heart of Italy, Umbria is strongly characterized by the beauty and integrity of its territories. Contribute, certainly, in this flattering reputation, a tree of all: the olive tree. No coincidence that Umbria is the only region whose boundaries coincide with those of the DOP. The rest of the data speak for themselves: 27,000 hectares of olive groves, 250 mills, an average production placed around 90,000 tons of oil per year, of which 8,000 certified DOP. Olive-growing in Umbria is environment, landscape, tourism ie multifunctionality.

The cultivar that is all of Umbria is certainly the Moraiolo, a plant that is well suited to the character of Umbria; small, but strong and durable; dodges but that gives an oil with a strong personality organoleptic.


Oil Botlle


In many olive trees surrounding the farm Colle in Ceralto product is the extra-virgin DOP of its production. The olive trees are grown and treated with care according to the Umbrian tradition and without the use of chemicals. The olive harvest is rigorous mind-hand and pressed the same day in the cold by the traditional methods which are passed down from generation to generation.

The oil produced has organoleptic characteristics and taste unique, are used to obtain three-verse varieties of olive:

- Moraiolo: is a variety that produces an oil that opens fruity nose, rich aromas that appli-dano the fresh olives, herbs with the addition of a strong personality;

- Frantoio: it is characterized by a persistent smell sharp and elegant grass freshly cut.

- Leccino: produces an oil that has a gu-am sweet and delicate fragrances of fruits ma-ture as well as a hint of sweet almond.


Direct sales:

- 75 cl bottle 

- Tin 3 litre 

- Tin 5 litre

Agriturismo Colle in Ceralto

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L’azienda ha ottenuto un sostegno dal FEARS per la presentazione di una domanda di aiuto a valere sul P.S.R. dell’Umbria 2014/2020, intervento 16.1.1 azione b), con la quale ha implementato le dotazioni aziendali nell’ambito delle coltivazioni cerealicole. Gli investimenti realizzati permetteranno di ottenere una ottimizzazione dei fattori di produzione. 

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